State Secrets

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#2 bestseller
NZ$29.95 (approx US$16)

by Ben Vidgen
ISBN 0-9582054-3-4   
Barcode 9780958205436
330 pages, indexed, illus. 234mm H x 153mm W TrPB


CIA attempt to take over a Pacific airline


Links between arms dealers and organised crime


KGB infiltration of New Zealand Government


US clothing company's links to organised crime


Russian mafia influence in Pacific


Charity organisations are a front for spy agencies

Explosive information - so much so that police are now investigating death threats against the publisher.

Exaggeration? Well, the son of one of the primary sources in the book was recently killed in suspicious and violent circumstances: this, after his father had been warned to stay silent.

From the files of a defence intelligence analyst formerly attached to the Royal New Zealand Army: State Secrets, the most comprehensive investigation of espionage and organised crime in the Pacific ever published.

Howling At The Moon has a track record of publishing bestselling books, so we speak with experience when we say this book is a must read. Don't get left behind by the crowd.

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